North Carolina Patriots


Born 1741 – Died 2 Feb 1809
Married abt 1775-1776 to Christianna, Born 3 Nov 1748 – Died after 1808

Lewis Barge was a signer of the Liberty Point Resolves declaration (equivalent to the NC Declaration of Independence), and his name is engraved on the stone marker in Fayetteville, dedicated to Resolves signers. He also served in the militia district of Wilmington, NC. A prosperous property-owner, he operated Barge's Tavern originally located on Barge Lane, now used for the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce offices.
He was born in 1741, probably in Philadelphia, PA -- of German heritage according to family tradition. He moved to Cumberland County, NC, in 1761. After his first wife, Mary Kelly, died Lewis married Christianna about 1775. He had three children with Mary and eight with Christianna. She was born November 3, 1748 and died June 27, 1844 in Alabama. Lewis died on February 2, 1809 in Fayetteville and is buried in the Old City Cemetery.


    Born 1758 - Died 12 ??? 1802
    Married ??? to Mary Ann Williams, Born 1768 - Died 5 Sept 1815

    William Battle II served as a Captain in the American Revolution.


    Thomas Bullard lived in Duplin County, NC as served as a private in the 10th Continental Regiment Sharp’s Company from 10 March 1778 for 9 months; thus completing his service in 1779.  He was pensioned 28 Aug  1833 Pension # S6770


    Sampson Carver served as a Private in the militia of Cumberland County, North Carolina.


    Louis Deshong was born 1762 or 1763 in Chowan County, NC and died in South Georgia in 1843.   He married Elizabeth Rhodes of Chowan County NC in 1786. He enlisted in Chowan County NC in the fall of 1778 and served six months as a private in Captain James Robard’s (or Roberts’) company under John Pugh Williams.  He later shipped as a Marine on the Privateer Brig “Bellona” with Captain Harrison.  The crew was captured and he was imprisoned in Saint Augustine until his escape in May 1782


      John DeVane resided in the Wilmington District of New Hanover NC. He was elected a 2nd Lt. on 29 Apr 1778 By members of the House of Commons at Ft. Johnson.  He was elected Captain in the Wilmington Brigade of Militia.  He was a second Major Field Officer of Minute Men in 1773. He appears in Harvey’s List of Revolutionary Soldier of North Carolina as well as in North Carolina Colonial Records.


    Born 5 Aug 1725 - Died before Aug 1791
    Married 29 Jan 1767 to Hartwell Hodges Davis,* Born 1727 - Died before Aug 1796

    James Drake was a patriot from Edgecomb and Nash Counties in North Carolina. In 1781, Captain Beard, with a band of 20 Tories, attacked James Drake's home and ordered him to surrender. James was badly wounded, but refused to surrender. With the help of his son, brother, and others, including his wife, he overpowered the Tories and took them captive.

    *Widow of Thomas Davis


    Samuel Flake lived in Anson County, NC and took the Oath of Allegiance in Dec. 1778.  (Abstract of Land Entries: Anson Co. NC 1778-1795; (Pruitt p.48)


Born 1746 - Died 1822
Married 1790 to Nancy Cofley, Born 1767 - Died 1858

Lieutenant Lewis Hall served while a resident of Roberson County, North Carolina.


    Born abt. 1739 - Died aft. 19 Feb 1807
    Married Lucretia Parker - abt. 1755

    Daniel Highsmith was probably born in Norfolk County, Virginia, and died in New Hanover County, North Carolina. Daniel Highsmith served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier from New Hanover County, North Carolina.


    Born 8 Jun 1749 - Died 8 Jun 1806
    Married to Ann ???

    George Howard was a resident of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina and served in Cole's Company, 4th Regiment and Captain John Summer's Company, 1st Battalion, commanded by Colonel Thomas Clark.


    Born a 1756 – Died bef 7 Dec 1807
    Married ? to (Miss) Bullock Born ? - Died bef Dec 1807

    Shadrick Lassiter of Northampton County, NC served as a Lieutenant in the Continental Line from North Carolina. He received military land warrant.


    Born 8 May 1759 – Died 17 Oct 1838
    Married 7 Apr 1781 to Leanah (Leana) Jones Born May 1840 – Died May 1840

    Abraham Lawrence resided in Granville County, NC during the war and served his country as a patriot by furnishing supplies. He furnished 360 pounds of corn to the militia.


    Born 5 Aug 1745 – Died 7 (10) Aug1836
    Married 19 Jan 1774 to Sarah McBroom, Born 19 Jan 1750 – Died 12 June 1842

    William McHargue served as a private, enlisting in February 1777. During the last half of the year 1780, serving in Capt. John Sloan’s Company, Colonel Frank Lock’s North Carolina regiment, William was in an engagement with the Tories on the south fork of the Catawba River in Lincoln county, North Carolina. His Captain and his brother-in-law,John McBroom were killed in the same engagement.


    Born 1755 (53) - Died 1823
    Married 1780(1790) to Elizabeth Perkins, Born 1765 - Died 10 Oct 1836

    Isaac Middlebrook of Caswell County, North Carolina, served as a private and his widow received a land grant in 1827 for his Revolutionary War service.


    Born c 1740 - Died 14 Jan 1795-96
    Married c 1760 to Rebecca Hicks, Born c 1740 - Died after 1785

    James Mills served as a Captain in the 10th Regiment of the North Carolina Line.


    Major John Paine lived in Orange County NC when he served as a Major in the North Carolina Militia.


    Born c 1720 – Died abt Oct 1782
    Married c 1733 to (Mrs) Martha ? Born ? – Died 19 May 1744

    Thomas Parked resided at New Hanover County, NC and served his country as a patriotic servant. He signed the 1779 petition to divide Bladen, Duplin and New Hanover counties.


    Born 1740 – Died 1800
    Married c.1765 to Alice Worthing, Born ? – Died 6 Mar 1818

    James Rosser, living in Johnston County, NC, served as a patriot to the cause, rendering material aid.


    Born 1757 - Died 17 May 1824
    Married 1781 to Mary Davidson, Born 1760 - Died 29 May 1842

    Daniel Smith, living in Burke County, North Carolina, served as a Captain in Colonel McDowell's Regiment in the Burke County Militia during the Revolutionary War. Captain Smith was Commander of Davidson Old Fort in 1781 in Burke County, North Carolina.


    Born 1749 - Died 20 Nov 1798
    Married 1768 to Mary Hicks, Born 20 Nov 1751 - Died 12 Dec 1845

    Josiah Stovall lived in Granville County, North Carolina, and served as a soldier and a patriot. He served in Colonel Richard Henderson's Regiment of Foot, Captain Yancey's Company (North Carolina). He took the Oath of Allegiance in John Yancey's District in 1778.


    Born 20 Feb 1763 - Died 30 Aug 1847
    Married ??? to Elizabeth (Coleman), Born c 1774 - Died c 30 Dec 1852

    Richard Stubblefield, living in Gulford County, North Carolina, served as a private in the militia of North Carolina, under the command of Captain William Bethell, of Guilford County, North Carolina, volunteering in August or September, 1781. He was marched to Martinsville and then to Randolph County, North Carolina, where the unit joined the regiment under the command of Colonel Smith and General Weatherford. They were marching towards Wilmington, North Carolina, when they heard that Cornwallis had surrendered at Yorktown.


    Born c. 1757 – Died 26 Mar 1823
    Married to (unknown)

    Batson Whitehurst served as a private, enlisting on July 20, 1778. He served nine months in the 3rd North Carolina Continental line under Major Hogg, Col. Summer.


    Born 1755 – Died 1796
    Married 1772 to Elizabeth Wilson born 6 Aug 1756 – Died 1 Jan 1798

    James Willis, Hillsborough District, Chatham Co, NC, served his country with patriotic service. He received a North Carolina Certificate for material aid rendered.