Pennsylvania Patriots


Thomas Conner served as a private in Capt. Nationaniel Ewing's Co, Col. John H. Stone's Regiment - the First MD Regiment - from 1776 - 1779.


Born 1736 – died 12 Oct 1796
Married 19 Aug 1760 to Anna Maria Geissler, born 15 Apr 1735 – died Oct 1813

Frederick Deg served as a Private 8th Class, Washington Co, PA militia under Capt. George Myers(Miars) Company by roll dated 2 Nov 1781, and again on roll, same company, 5th Battalion Roll dated 17 May 1782.


Abraham Etter resided at Donegal Township, Lancaster County, PA and served as a Private  in 1781 and1782 in Third Company under Captain Thomas Robinson of the Seventh Battalion of the Lancaster County Militia commanded by Colonel Alexander Lowrey and Col. Jacob Cook.


    Born 11 May (Mar) 1755 – died 30 Mar 1832
    Married 17-18 Apr 1782-83 to Catherine Arvecost Born 1 Oct 1764 – Died 28 Dec 1828

    Jonathan Harned of Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania served as an officer in the militia. From 9 September 1776 to January 1977, he served under thomas Gaddis VA Militia at Fort Liberty. In February 1782, Leutenant Harned was in the Washington County Militia.


    Born abt 1758 – died 4 Mar 1854

    Married (2) ??? to Elizabeth W??? McCullough, born 1 Jan 1785 – died 1 Aug 1861

    Benjamin Kepner, a public servant and a private, was mustered in on 1 May 1781 to the fifth class, Sixth Company of Captain Daniel McClellan in the Seventh Battalion of Cumberland County Militia, commanded by Colonel James Purdy. He also paid a supply tax in 1779 and 1780.


    Born 1751 - Died 1790
    Married 1775 to Elizabeth ???

    Baltzer Kohler served as a private under Captain Simon Koppenhaffer. He returned to his home in York County, Pennsylvania on 5 February,1782.


    Born 1759 - Died 25 Jul 1806
    Married 1758 to Elizabeth Weiser


    Born 21 Jan 1751-Died 8 Oct 1833
    Married 10 Jan 1794 to Elizabeth Lewis, Born 28 Apr 1767-Died 7 Nov 1847

    Isaac Morris enlisted as a Private in Captain Grier's Company. Isaac Morris lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, while in the service of his country.


    Born c 1749 - Died 10 Oct 1804
    Married c 1794 to Jane ???, Born ??? Died 18 Sept 1844

    John Morrow, who resided on the frontier, probably in Westmoreland County, served in George Vance's Company, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, of the Rangers on the Frontier.


    Born 2 May 1739 - Died 5 Mar 1813
    Married 3 Jan 1765 to Anna Beitler/Beidler, Born 27 Mar 1745 - Died 4 May 1855

    Henry Overholtzer, a resident of Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, served the War of Independence as a private in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Militia. He appears in Class Eight on "A Return to the Company Associators and Others in Their Classes in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, 1780," in the war of the Revolution and in Class Eight on "A Return of all the Classes Belonging to Captain William McHenry's Company in Bedminster township, Bucks County: June the 12th, 1781". (Company of Rangers)


    Born 1727 - Died 15 Jan 1795
    Married 3 Oct 1761 to Mary Bostwick, Born 1741 - Died 15 Feb 1777

    Daniel Roberdeau served as a Brigadier-General in the Pennsylvania Militia from 4 July 1776 to March 1977.


    Born 1760 - Died 28 Feb.1831
    Married 1786 to Christina Foulk (Volk), Born10 Jul 1772 (79) - Died 8 Aug 1827

    Jacob Secrist of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, served as a Private. He is listed on the muster roll of the Seventh Company and Ninth Battalion of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Militia, commanded by Colonel N. Frederick Zigler for the year 1783. He was certified 20 May 1783 by Captain Godfried Klugh. Jacob was the third of six children and was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania. He married Christina Foulk (Volk) in St. Matthews Lutheran Church in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania. Christina was born in Berks county, Pennsylvania, the daughter of George and Maria Foulk (Folk)(Volk). In 1814, Jacob and Christina moved to Columbiana County, Ohio, and bought a farm where they spent the remainder of their days. They were originally buried in the Union Church Cemetery, but were relocated when the church needed to expand their building. They are now in City Cemetery in Lisbon which is on the site of their old farm. Only Christina's marker identifies their graves as his had become illegible and is buried on top of his walnut coffin in the same grave as Christina. The parents of Jacob, Anna and Michael Segrist (Secrist) came to Philadelphia on the ship James Goodwill on 27 September 1727 from Rotterdam. The James Goodwill sailed from Falmouth, England, with David Crockett as master. It is believed that they were originally from Basel, Switzerland, and may have been Swiss Mennonites. They settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


    Peter Shindel, Jr. lived in Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, , Pa. He served as a soldier under Captain David Kraus in the 2nd and 8th Batt'ns of the Lancaster County Militia.  He paid a supply tax in 1779 and signed the Oath of Allegiance.