Georgia Patriots


John Cutler Braddock resided in St. Matthew Parish (now Effinham Co.) Ga.  And served first as a private in the Georgia Line and later became a Captain.


    Born abt 1750 - Died bef 10 Sep 1783
    Married Jan 1771 to Susannah (Sucky) Jones, born 1753 - Died 1820

    Robert Dixon served as a First Lieutenant in the Militia of St. Matthews Parish, Georgia. He enlisted under Captain Daniel Bunnell, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment. On July, 1776, a meeting of the Council, Savannah, ordered that commissions be issued for Daniel Bunnell as Captain, Robert Dixon as First Lieutenant, and Thomas Mills as 2nd Lieutenant, Company of the Militia in the Upper District of St. Matthews Parish, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment.


    Born 1733 - Died about 15 Mar 1805
    Married 1759 to (Nancy Mapp) Mary X, Born 1743 - Died 1795

    Isaac Jackson, having served as a major under Colonel Benjamin Few, received a bounty warrant for 650 acres of land under the Act of Assembly (this act rewarded soldiers and citizens who had to "refugee" from the state) passed 20 August 20 1781. This warrant was increased by 15% in lieu of tax exemption and was surveyed on Shoulderbone Creek in Washington County, Georgia, becoming Greene County in 1786 and Hancock County in 1793.

    After the departure of the British, the refugee soldiers and statesmen returned to Georgia and in an election for field officers held by the House of Assembly, 21 August 1781, the following officers were elected for Richmond County: Joshua Dunn, Colonel Isaac Jackson, Lieutenant Colonel and Joshua Winn, Major. Lieutenant Colonel Jackson attested to the eligibility of numerous Revolutionary soldiers to receive bounty warrants. He also served as a civil servant in the offices of magistrate, and justice of the peace.


    Born 11 Aug 1741 - Died 1 Apr 1781(May)
    Married 1760 to Margaret McCall (his cousin), Born 1745 - Died 1805

    James McCall moved to South Carolina during the war years around 1771-1772. He served as a captain in the rangers and was taken prisoner at Cherokee Town on 26 June 1776. Shortly thereafter, he escaped from the Indians. He became a lieutenant colonel in the state troops and was wounded during the battles at Rugeley's Mill on 4 December 1780 and at Long Cane on 11 December,1780. In addition he was in the siege of Augusta and the battles at Fish Dam Ford, Blackstock's Plantation, Ninety Six and Cowpens. He died during May, 1781, of smallpox.


    Born 15 Jan 1765 - Died 26 Jul 1840
    Married 3 Oct 1793 to Mary Waters Reiser, Born 19 Jan 1770 - Died 15 Jun 1838

    David Metzger served as a soldier from Georgia. 


    Born 7 Oct 1733 -Died Mar 1812
    Married 1763 to Sarah, Born 1745 - Died 1 Dec 1803

    Micajah Paulk (Sr.) received bounty land for his Revolutionary War service as a private while residing in Richmond County, Georgia.


    John Pearce lived in Georgia and served as a soldier in the Georgia Force.  He received Georgia Land for his service.


    Born 30 Oct 1739 - Died 1798
    Married 1760 to Rachael Giles, Born 1744 - 1788

    John Webb served as a private in the 2nd Co, Georgia Continental Artillery from the first raising of the company, until the reduction of Sunbury by the British when he was taken to Fort Morris and then sent aboard a prison ship where he remained several months as a prisoner. He also furnished supplies.

    John Webb was born February 1, 1736-37 In Richmond County, VA (near Farnham in the Northern Neck region). He was descended from several families of “Ancient Planters” who had arrived in VA in the earliest years of its settlement. He married Rachael Giles in 1760 and at some point the couple moved to Georgia, probably living for a time in North Carolina. They had at least seven children who survived. When the Revolutionary War broke out, John Webb was living in Washington County. He enlisted in the Second Company of Georgia Continental Artillery, commanded by Captain John Dollar(d). This company was among those defending Sunbury, a prosperous seaport town near Fort Morris, south of Savannah. After a valiant defense, the patriots surrended Fort Morris to the British on January 9, 1779. A few weeks later, Webb’s company was among those defending Sunbury when the British overwhelmed the defenders and destroyed the town. The patriots were taken prisoner and at first held at Fort Morris, then transferred to prison ships anchored in nearby Savannah harbor. Webb was a prisoner for several months before he was paroled. He died in Franklin County, GA, in 1798.


    Micajah Wiliamson lived in Wilkes County Georgia and served as a Colonel in the Georgia Militia under General Elijah Clark. He took part in the Battles of Kettle Creek and King Mountain. He was in command at the siege of Augusta while General Clark was ill with small pox.

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